An Island?

An Island?

July 1993
Written for a Sunday morning service at Brooklands Community Church
Far away from home, family and friends,
They call me “missionary”,
“Chosen by God”,
I so long to see and touch them.
Am I an Island?
Body growing weary, weak and frail,
Sick-bay can be so lonely,
Job spent time here.
Am I an Island?
Dad left today, gone forever;
“Broken home” rings in my ears;
What will they say?
Am I an Island?
Tattered clothes, broken shoes on callused feet,
Just enough for food and warmth;
They call me “poor”.
Am I and Island?
“If one part suffers,
Every part suffers with it;
If one part is honoured,
Every part rejoices with it.” I Cor. 12:26
No man is an Island,
No man stands alone;
When one hurts, others feel pain,
In joy, others rejoice.
Thankyou God;
I am not an Island,
Just one part of many;
We call it “Church”.

Frank Kasdorf

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