Birds of Pray

April 1994
Written for our many friends who did not grow weary in praying for Darlene. The Bible teaches that we will soar with the eagles. This is how we often felt before Darlene became ill. Life was great, God was there with us every day; the strength of youth was awesome. We often felt that the sky was the limit. We always had plenty, we didn’t lack in any way. We were always aware that Satan was lurking and ready to pounce at any time.
Then suddenly, her health failed, some days we felt that God had forsaken us. The doctors didn’t give her much hope. She lost her sense of hearing, those beautiful sounds were to be no more. Then just when we thought there was no hope God would show us that there was, He was there and in control, even when we could not see His plan or understand His ways.
The faithful prayers of family, friends, and strangers gave her the lift that she needed.

?????Soaring higher, higher on outstretched wings,
Wind whistling through feathers, sweet music sings;
Silver sun glistening brightly off the lake down below,
Downies in towMasked friend swimming with downys in tow.
Diving, then soaring, of life making sport;
No fear of danger, for Maker’s my escort.
Strength of the wings, strength of the feet,
Strength of hooked bill; ready to compete.
Who could improve on this marvelous design,
From up here it seems the whole world could be mine.
Cold Lake full of life, sustenance for each day;
My mate soaring with me, Thanksgivings I pray.
crow 1Young chicks on twigs, in the oak we call home,
Blackie always lurking, would not dare too far roam.
Living life to the fullest, God’s promises hold true,
The good days are many, the trying days few.

But, wait;

Something’s gone awry; Soaring now is a task;
Trying to hide it, they see through my mask.
Each day that goes by, weak wings growing weaker,
What now lies ahead? Life seems so much bleaker.
eagle fallingStill trying each day to soar; then I falter,
I tumble; then a thermal, with lift-strength like Gibraltar.
The wind no more sings through feathers as I soar,
The praises of meadow and woodlands, don’t hear anymore.
I feel so alone; would someone please care?
Where do I go, this heavy burden to share?
I falter once more; tumbling t’ward sure death;
Then a thermal picks up and gives me new breath.
The life saving thermals, I don’t know from where;
Then I see and I feel it; their source is a prayer.
The quiet praisers, interceding expectantly,
Each prayer a life saving thermal for me.
Through prayer come His blessings, new life I received.
I’m here because you in prayer have believed.

Frank Kasdorf

One thought on “Birds of Pray”

  1. Frank, I just discovered this web page or blog. Dora & I just read this page and assure you of our continued prayers. You are very gifted and have a powerful way of expressing your thoughts and feelings. Thanks for sharing.

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