Dear Mother

Dear Mother

Written for my mother on Mothers Day, May 14, 1995.
I missed mom today, I could not go to see her;
Darlene was very ill, and I wanted to stay with her.

Your apron was there to dry my tears,
The pain you kissed away.
Your soft, gentle voice stilled my fears,
You knew just what to say.

The fear of the Lord to me you taught
While sitting at your knee.
His blessing for me in prayer you sought,
His grace to set me free

From sin; it lingers with me still,
Your prayers today are cherished.
You taught me to live within His will,
Without, I long should have perished.

You encouraged to strive for the top
At play; and also in life.
You wanted more for me than the mop,
The challenge brought on much strife.

And when the time came to find a girl
To love and mother my child;
Your life and image before me unfurled,
My dear, dear mother, so mild.

Frank Kasdorf

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