Lost Sounds

      Lost Sounds                                                                                                                                                        

This poem came out of  sleepless hours of fear and agony.  Our senses are a very precious gift.  God has made us so wonderfully.  When we lose a sense the loss is deep and painful.          (Agonizing with Darlene over her hearing loss)

April 1994


                                           The sound of mom’s heart beat,

                                                It gave me life;

                                    The sound of her voice

                                                Relieved the strife;

                                    The noise of the grounds

                                                While at play,

                                    The soft voice taught

                                                At night to pray;

                                    Music of the keyboard

                                                brought peace of mind,

                                    When my walk through life

                                                Was most unkind;

                                    That low gentle voice

                                                So tender and true,

                                    Before our lips first met

                                                “Honey, I love you!”

                                    The promise I yearned for,

                                                “I’ll forever be true.”

                                    The words of commitment

                                                As we vowed “I do.”

                                    The sound of that cry

                                                At the birth of my child,

                                    Brought praises of gratitude;

                                                God on me had smiled.

                                    Flutes softly playing

                                                Those wonderful trills,

                                    Brought smiles to my face,

                                                And to my back chills;

                                    Voices of our children

                                                To God singing praises;

                                    Why He gives such blessings

                                                Still always amazes.

                                    Longing for noise,

                                                The music, the sounds.

                                    Now their all gone,

                                                Painful silence abounds.

                                                SILENCE, Silence, silence abounds.

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