Mountains & Valleys

Mountains & Valleys

Written in September 1994. Sitting at Darlene’s hospital bed where she had told me how thankful she was for her many experiences. This poem came out of that discussion!

Lord, You have taken me
to the highest mountains
and to the low valleys.
When I was sixteen
you brought a special friend
into my life.
I felt that things couldn’t get any better,
I was on the mountain top
and saw a beautiful life before me.
Thank you for the strength of the mountain!
When I was eighteen
I was devastated
when mom was suddenly taken from us;
I felt my life was over;
I was walking in the lowest of valleys.
Thank you for the lesson of the valley.
When I was twenty-two
you brought me
to my waiting lover at the alter;
surely this was the highest mountain
I would ever see;
the whole world was mine.
Thank you for the beauty of the mountain.
I experienced the pinnacle
of all mountains
when my girls were born;
It could not get any better.
Thank you for the joy of that mountain.
There were many
hills and valleys;
each held its lesson for me.
Thank you for the lessons.
I came across
a deep valley
when I had to say good-bye
to my dying father;
he meant so much to me;
I had to learn anew
to lean on you.
Thank you for carrying me through
this valley.
Now you have led me
to another valley;
I never dreamt that
a deep valley such as this could exist;
I can’t see the bottom;
fear fills my heart;
must I go through?
Can’t you ‘take this cup from me’?
“Yea though I walk through the valley,
I shall fear not evil.”
Lord could you carry me?
I can’t walk anymore;
I am too weak.
Thank you for carrying me!

Frank Kasdorf

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