November 1979

The harvest is done for my father!
He’s reached that final goal.
He’s home
with the angels.
The noises of the farm are gone.
There he met his Savior, face to face.
I miss dads smile,
I miss his helping hand.
He was a servant who was willing,
to go the second mile.
He gave to me a standard which
I will strive to meet.
There was so much to dad.
His love for man,
His concern for each of the 16,
His human touch,
That makes me want to be like him.
He inspired many a gentleman
to search for improvement
in his own walk of life.
His words were usually gentle,
but no one doubted their depth.
Dad found time to teach
the golden rule,
To teach us of a nobler life
than that which the world offered.
For dad work was life,
and life was beautiful.
His joy was heard from afar,
Jodene’s genes of laughter
were inherited from him.
Dad cared, and tears of compassion
were shared, with many a friend
who needed comfort.
He wanted to share in the grief
to bring relief And bring new hope and life.
Dad, at five foot, nine,
was a big man,
so humble and kind.
The exemplary life he lived,
(a man of service),
He was Gods example for me.
My father is gone,
But, he left a legacy.
He gave me the desire
to be an honorable father.
His love for mom was a
testimony that helps me daily.
Thankyou God,
For giving me a dad who
Dared to Care.
Frank Kasdorf

At the passing of his father in November 20, 1979.

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