Surely, This will be!

Surely, This will be!

Written on May 20, 1995.
I got my inspiration for this poem
from a poem by Wordsworth.

How can I see her woe
And not be in sorrow too?
How can I see her grief
And not pray for some relief?

Can a tear fall on her cheek
That will not cause my heart to break?
Can the dear Lord see her weep
And not feel her sorrows deep?

Could she ever go to sleep
When her child of pain would weep?
Would she ever without care
See her dad his burdens bear?

O! No, this could never be!
Never, ever could this be!

How can God, who cares for all,
Catch the sparrow from its fall,
Feed the mouse in winter cold,
Keep the lamb within the fold,

And not sit beside her bed,
And feel the pain within her head?
And not hold her ever near,
Wipe away her sorrows tear?

And not stay day after day
Till the pain will go away?
And not hold her to His breast
When Satan puts her to the test?

O! No, this could never be!
Never, ever, could this be!

God became and infant small,
He felt pain when He would fall.
He became the ‘Man of Woe’,
So He could feel our sorrow too.

Don’t think you can cry a tear
That your maker is not near;
Don’t think you in sorrow moan,
That his love will not be shown.

One day her grief he will destroy;
He will give her all His joy;
He will place her at His side
With Him forever to abide!

O! Yes, this will surely be!
Surely, surely this will be!

Frank Kasdorf

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